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TIP #09 - What are the advantages of extra clear film?

SFI is the developer and manufacturer of its proprietary based Liquid Crystal Films. The technology is based on 25 years of research that has produced industry-leading IP.

This technology is referred in the market as NCAP PDLC abd the products is called ExClear Smart Film. ("ExClear Film").

SFI’s ExClear Films for privacy glass applications is electrically operated. In an 'OFF' mode the LC is opaque and in “ON” mode, when voltage is applied, it becomes transparent.

With NCAP PDLC process, self-encapsulating LC micro-droplets are coated on thin and flexible substrates to form durable, reliable, and robust LCs that can be produced in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and shades. Glass laminators are using a high-yield, high throughput, roll-to-roll (R2R) process. Our LC provide designers with easy inexpensive choices for creating products with a wide variety of form factors, including surface curvatures.

Our ExClear Films are shipped in large quantities and have been integrated by our customers into finished products across a myriad of markets: architectural (privacy) glass, home appliances, signage, flexible displays and more.

Features of ExClear Film include:

  1. Most transparent smart film

  2. Customized EVA for better lamination results

  3. Extremely low power consumption: 5 W/m2

  4. Can be laminated onto a wide variety of glass or plastic materials

  5. Can be laminated onto curved surfaces

  6. Low haze (6%) and good clarity (92% light transmission)

  7. Angel: 180 degrees

  8. High-yield, low defect density

  9. Additional UV protection is not required

  10. Long-lasting: 20+ years indoors


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