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TIP #12 - Smart glass as a principle of modern business policy

According to the latest tendency more and more modern business leaders are striving for a "transparent” business policy. First of all, it refers to the design of office space, where smart glass is used for tinting glass partitions.

smart glass - smartfilmsinternational

Smart glass can serve as a partition in a huge room as well as a door in an office, it creates a balance between openness and privacy, brings the necessary atmosphere in the office or conference room.

Our glasses are produced with a help of special smart film with variable transparency. This film is susceptible to electric current and changes its transparency using a liquid crystal layer.

"Smart glass" minimizes costs, keeping heat in the room, also improves lighting and air conditioning, it is an excellent replacement for curtains and other sun protective mechanisms. A huge advantage of our smart film is a careful protection against ultraviolet radiation.

If you want to run successful business you should start with the place where you and your colleagues work. Make it cozy, light or tint according to personal mood or weather conditions, create a separate working place for each employee and positive results will not make you wait too long, very soon you be on the peak of success.


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