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Smart glass in hotels serves as a partition between a bedroom and a bathroom or to separate a sleeping area from a work area. The smart glass allows the guest to enjoy a large and spacious hotel room when the glass is transparent and at the touch of a button the glass will become opaque frosted and provide privacy according to the guest's choice.


Using smart glass in a hotel eliminates the need to use curtains. This has a number of benefits such as hygiene, curtains are known as a substrate for bacteria, savings in regular maintenance of cleaning and replacement of curtains. The smart glass transmits natural light and has a luxurious look and all this is of great value to hotels.


The smart glass transmits natural light and allows a connection between the outside and the inside


Separating glass makes the lintel opaque according to the guest's choice


The smart glass is antibacterial and does not require regular maintenance like curtains


Partitions separating a bedroom from a bathroom or a bedroom from a study


Is it possible to connect the smart glass to the hotel switches?

Definitely yes

Are there any special cleaning instructions for smart glass?

Smart glass cleanliness is similar to the cleanliness of any other glass.

Is it possible to apply smart glass in doors?

Certainly, smart glass can be incorporated in hinged doors, sliding doors and kip windows in addition to the application in fixed partitions.

Is it possible to order smart glass including installation?

Understanding that the customer wants to have one entity that assumes the overall warranty for the project, Smart Films offers its customers a shell of smart glass including their installation under a Smart Films warranty.
You can also separately purchase the smart glass and the operating controller and perform the installation with another party when we provide guidance and supervision of the installation.

Profile Types

There are several types of installations:

Minimalist. Visible or concealed aluminum profiles and doors with lower upper hinge.

Lightweight profiles. Office series, Belgian, Bauhaus and more.

Ceiling floor partitions. Standard systems from Innovate, Barbitech, Ecospace and more.

Belgian. Systems made of iron.

Smart Films accompanies its customers in the process of choosing the profile, designing the glass structure and building a cost estimate.

Is there annual maintenance involved?

No regular or annual maintenance is required.

What is the electrical voltage of the glass?

230-48 VAC controller or transformer very low voltage, approved by the Israeli Standards Institute.

("In accordance with the Electrical-Grounding Regulations and Protective Measures against Electrification, a very low voltage is defined as a means of protection against electrification, the purpose of which in accordance with Regulation 4 (5) is" to prevent the occurrence of voltage exceeding 50 volts "