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Electrochromic Film
Up to 1% light transmission

Insulating glass for curtain walls that allows control of the amount of light passing through it in the range of 60% light transmission and up to 1% light transmission.

The privacy glass eliminates all shading means (double skin, curtains, drapes, etc.), eliminates the glare and glare and allows a healthy natural light to pass through us and connects the interior and exterior.

The glass with SHGC varies in the range of 0.47-0.09 and therefore saves about 30% of the ongoing costs of air conditioning and also has the equipment of air conditioning systems. In addition, glass saves about 50% of glass lighting expenses. Using glass gives up to 36 LEED points.

Sensors can be connected to the privacy glass so that the amount of light can be optimally adjusted for those staying in the space automatically and continuously. The glass has minimal energy consumption because a very low voltage of 5 volts is required to transfer the glass from one dark state to another.

electrochromic glass


Architects, interior designers, property owners, this is for you! Customized.. 

Specifications of Electrochromic Glass

  • Glass structure: Double Glazed Unit (total 29mm) or Triple Glazed Unit (total 41mm).

  • Glass Weight: Double Glazed 32Kg/m², Triple Glazed 43Kg/m².

  • Max. glass size: 1350mm by 3300mm.

  • Min. Frame Depth: 21mm to allow glass and wires to be covered by the frame.

  • Glass Tint Levels: You can change between 5 different tint levels.

Optical and Thermal Specifications

  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 55% to 10%.

  • U Value: 1.1 W/m²K Double Glazed, 0.5 W/m²K Triple Glazed.

  • SHGC: (Lightest/Darkest) 38% / 10% Double Glazed, 33% / 8% Triple Glazed.

  • UV Transmission: (Lightest/Darkest) <1% / 0% Double Glazed, 0% / 0% Triple Glazed.

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage: 24V for the unit control, 5V applied to the glass.

  • Power consumption: Non, it is Bi Stable, change glass tint only by electrical pulse of 2 watt/m²

  • Switching time: 20 minutes (between lightest and full tinting)

  • Switching Method: Automatically via Light sensor, or manually.


  • Lifetime: Over 20 years

  • Warranty: 10 Years

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