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SFI develops, manufactures and sells flexible LC films, providing comprehensive design-to-manufacturing solutions. We offer dynamic lenses for the new generation of Goggles, Glasses, Visors, Helmets, Strobe Glasses, Augmented Reality glasses and more.

Our flexible LC lenses enables a dynamic range of visible light transmission (VLT) electrically controlled by a low AC voltage of less than 10V.


Moreover, our unique Flexible LC technology is based on a Normally Open operation mode, while no voltage applied (OFF state) the Flexible LC is transparent and when applying voltage( ON state) , the Flexible LC will gradually tint.


Main Advantages of our Flexible LC film are in cutting glare, blocking heat, rejecting harmful UV radiation and providing comfort shading conditions for the user.




As a normally open LC film, it is integrated well with Strobe Goggles, Sun glasses, Ski Goggle, Helmets, Visors, Augmented Reality glasses and more...


  • Normally Open

  • Dimmable

  • Low Voltage

  • Dark Neutral Colors

  • Clear Vision

  • No Haze​

  • Cutting Glare

  • Rejecting UV

  • Heat Insulation


  • Reliable LC Formula

  • High Temp Resistance

  • Flexible and Curative 

Want to design your own flexible LC lens?



Quick Response

LC changes colors within 0.1 seconds


Transmittance reaches 0.1%.

Low Carbon & Pro Environment

Anti-UV/IR protects your body & belongings

Smooth Colour Change

Color adjustment

Good Clarity

Almost no haze


Over 50,000h shelf life


Flexible curved surface 




  • Maximum size 610*610mm

  • Haze ≤1%

  • Response time ≤0.1S

  • Display mode NW/NB

  • LC thickness: 0.2mm~0.7mm

  • LC perspective: customization

  • Transmission 0.5%~32%

  • Drive voltage Voltage:1.8V~12V

  • Current:50uA~100mA

  • Storage temperature: 40℃~85℃

  • Working temperature: 30℃~80℃

  • UV protection level: UV400

Clear vision under any light conditions  -  Stepless Discoloration, glare blocking  -  Extremely Low Haze in Transparent State  -  Dark Mode. Clear Mode, Adjustable Mode, and more  -  Ultra-thin flexible liquid crystal film  -  Heat insulation and high  -  temperature resistance  -  Highly Reliable Liquid Crystal Formulation


Is it always normally open?


what voltage need?

around 10 volt AC

What is Normally Open Flexible LC operation Mode?

A Normally Open operation mode means when no voltage applied (Off State) the Flexible LC is transparent and when applying voltage (On state), the Flexible LC will gradually tint.

What is the operating voltage?

The operating voltage is varied between different LC formulations, in general it is between 0-10VAC.

What is the Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) Range?

We offer different formulations for different applications, typical VLT ranges are 30%-70%, 0%-35%, 1-40% and 15%-65%

Does your Flexible LC Films require polarizers?

We offer different LC formulations some of them require polarizers while some are not. Please contact us for more information.

Why is an NRE (Development costs) required?

When customizing Flexible LC film, it required tools and engineering for producing the LC cells, masks, printing etc.

What is your maximum Flexible LC size available?

Currently we offer commercial products up to 610mm by 610mm. We are working on increasing the production line to accommodate bigger sizes.

How much time does it take from design to production?

Our development and customization process takes approximately 8-12 weeks.

What is your production lead time?

Our production lead time is usually 6 to 8 weeks depending on volume.

Does your Flexible LC film is dimmable?

Yes, the Flexible LC film provides different tint levels based on the voltage level applied.

Which products may use Flexible LC films?

Sunglasses, Ski Goggles, AR Glasses, Automotive Visors will have the benefit of dynamically adjusting the tint level based on actual sunlight conditions without blocking the sight.

Are you capable of laminating the Flexible LC film to Polycarbonate?

Yes, we developed a special process for laminating the Flexible LC film to Polycarbonate with or without curvature, moreover we offer lamination with one or two axis curves.

Can you also provide the supporting electronics?

Yes, we can develop and produce the Flex PC connectors as well as the complete electronic circuit board upon customers’ detailed specifications.

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