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TIP #04 - Adhesive privacy film or laminated glass?

Adhesive privacy film is applied over an existing glass when a laminated film is laminated between two glasses and then the glass installed as a new glass.

Adhesive privacy film is ~10% less transparent then laminated glass due to the adhesive side of the PET ITO that add more “cloudy” layer to the film. There are Laminated film with 80% or 90% transparency and Adhesive film is around 70+% transparency.

Both film has same PDLC technology, same LC and need same electrical power to activate it.

Adhesive film has less warranty years as it is more exposed to humidity and heat then a film that is laminated and sealed inside a glass.

When it comes to a privacy film project, if the glass is there, Adhesive film is a less expensive and probably the right solution. If design is still in process and still no glass, we recommend to have a Smart Glass rather than a film to stick on a glass.


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