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Smart Glass for Offices

The utilization of glass as an integral part of design processes has helped designers transform open spaces and office designs since the very beginning. Today, we will explore the use of Smart Glass for offices.

Installation of smart glass panels in open offices, conference rooms and general office spaces provides relief from mundane, opaque materials that block natural light, force the use of artificial light sources and reduce visibility.

smart glass for offices

Over the last few years, we have seen how our architects and interior designers enhanced closed spaces with our glass and film products.

Switchable smart glass technology is an intelligent and innovative glass solution that enables the modification of the opacity of glass walls and panels. In an office space, smart glass partitions create a bigger working space. Switching the glass mode even lets employees operate panels as projection screens or boards.

Using smart films instead of heavy wall partitions supports the three characteristics of minimal design (open atmosphere, neutral materials and simple furniture). The technology offers the highest levels of privacy while maintaining the ability to convert the space to open and accessible.

Liquid crystal glass is a sleek, clean and transparent material that packs incredible capabilities. At Smart Films International, we offer a wide array of dynamic glass products, ranging from transparent, white or dark colors to customized patterns which can suit every requirement.


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