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Suntuitive Thermochromic Glass, a self-tinting dynamic glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight.

The core-of the Thermochromic Glass is a Thermochromic Inter-layer for dynamic windows which lightens and darkens by Itself-with absolutely no mechanical intervention - - based on heat from direct sun light. 

The more direct and intense the sunlight is on the window the darker it will become.


The system maximizes natural daylight while minimizing heat gain. No wires, no controls and no power supplies.
As part of a dynamic window system, Thermochromic can help managing a building's changing needs for passive solar heat gain and natural daylight.


All together this can lower costs associated with heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting. Thermochromic also provides all of the benefits of a safety laminated window.


Thermochromic puts the view back in windows again by reducing the need for shades, blinds and other devises that block vision.

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  • Tempered / Toughened 

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Architects, interior designers, property owners, this is for you! Customized.. 


How do I define the Suntuitive dynamic glass structure?

To add a new quSuntuitive dynamic glass consists of a thermochromic layer that is layered between two tempered glasses which forms the basis of an insulated glass unit (IGU). Suntuitive glass can be used in standard or double laminated IGU, or IGUs with triangular windows with a total thickness of 19 mm or more. In some applications, Suntuitive dynamic laminated glass can fit.estion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Where can I buy the glass?

Smart Films is the sole representative of Suntuitive technology in Israel and other countries.

Production for the local market is carried out at the largest glass factory in Israel, Star Glass.

Can it be purchased for private construction?

Definitely, please contact us, we also provide service to private customers.

What is the difference between thermochromic glass and electrochromic glass?

The thermochromic glass uses solar heat as an engine for the dynamics of the glass while electrochromic glass needs wiring, infrastructure and a power source to perform the same operation.

What is the long-term level of durability of Suntuitive glass?

To date Suntuitive dynamic glass technology:

Has passed 8,000 hours of accelerated aging testing under ASTM E2141-06

Passed 2,500 hours of accelerated aging testing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and QLab Corporation

Successfully passed CPSC 16 CFR 120

Successfully passed (ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996)

Successfully passed UL972

Passed Acoustic Test: ASTM E90-09

Completed ISO 12543-4 (laminated glass) - including baking, humidity and radiation tests.

Is it possible to model Suntuitive glass?

Yes. Data for Suntuitive Dynamic Glass are available in the International Glazing Database (IGDB) and the NFRC Rating Board.

Does Suntuitive Glass earn points on green construction in the United States?

Yes, using Suntuitive technology in the building gives credit points in countries where there is standard such as the United States.


How does Suntuitive glass work?

Suntuitive glass is glued by a PVB material which has a thermochromic material inside which darkens on exposure to the sun's heat. The operation is without the need for infrastructure or an energy source.

What does Suntuitive glass look like for those who look from the outside?

Suntuitive glass in transparent mode looks like any normal glass, in hot weather the glass darkens and for those standing outside it looks like sunglasses.

What are the technical performance data of Suntuitive glass?

The performance of the glass is determined by the structure of the glass, for example insulating Suntuitive glass with a thickness of about 2.5 cm with a low e coating.

The light transition will be in the range of 8% in heat exposure and 54% in cool weather. Also technical specifications.

Can the glass be too dark at the height of the heat?

No, even when the glass darkens at the height of the heat still enough sunlight enters inside while the glare and heat will not penetrate the glass.

Will Suntuitive glass darken on a cold winter day?

Suntuitive glass has been designed to balance the amount of light with climate control. The glass responds to the heat of the sun, in most areas even on a cold day the glass will darken but probably will not reach a high degree of darkening.

If my building is surrounded by other buildings, will Suntuitive glass darken?

Suntuitive glass responds to direct sunlight, glass that is in the shade will not darken to allow maximum light transmission.

Is Suntuitive Glass Better for Certain Type of Buildings?

Suntuitive glass has been installed in a wide range of private, commercial and public buildings, the glass is very common mainly in clinics, schools, dormitories, shops, shopping centers and museums.

Does Suntuitive Glass Need an Energy Source?

Suntuitive glass does not need an energy source, connections or infrastructure.

How to install Suntuitive glass?

Suntuitive glass installs like any standard glass.

Can Suntuitive glass be integrated in sliding windows and doors?

Since the glass has no electrical wires and no connection to any system or infrastructure, it is no problem to integrate the glass in any standard glass frame.

Is it possible to apply Suntuitive technology as a film on existing glass?

Not possible, Suntuitive technology must be applied between two glasses.

What is the maximum size of Suntuitive glass?

The maximum size is 162 cm wide by 365 cm long.

What is the warranty period for Suntuitive glass?

The warranty period is 10 years. Warranty

Where can Suntuitive glass be applied?

Suntuitive glass can be applied when renovating an existing structure or in new construction.

The glasses are intended for the private, commercial and public market, in vertical, transverse, straight, concave and more.

What is the delivery time of Suntuitive glass?

The delivery time of Suntuitive glass is the same time as regular glass, and depending on the quantity required and the structure of the glass, we recommend contacting us with specification and we will respond according to the requirements of the specification.

Can I choose Suntuitive glass color as well as the Low e coating type?

Yes, you can choose custom colors and coatings of Low e

Does Suntuitive glass provide protection for the contents of the house from the sun's rays?

Suntuitive glass blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and protects the objects inside the house from UV damage.

Is it possible to match Suntuitive glass to the rest of the glass in the structure?

Yes, Suntuitive glass can be matched to existing glass so that some of the existing glass can be replaced with Suntuitive glass.

Does Suntuitive glass also provide privacy?

No, Suntuitive glass does not provide privacy, except for one situation where the darkening is maximum and then those outside the building do not see through Suntuitive glass but the purpose of the glass is not privacy but an optimal balance between light transmission and climate control.

How many degrees of darkening does Suntuitive glass provide?

The glass darkens linearly so that there is actually an unlimited number of degrees of darkening within the darkening range.

What happens when Suntuitive glass breaks?

Suntuitive glass will continue to darken even when it is broken, the broken glass can continue to be used until it is replaced.

What will happen to Suntuitive glass in the event of a power outage of the building?

Because Suntuitive glass works by solar heat and not by an energy source, there will be no effect on how the glass works.

What is the price difference between Insulated Glass with Low e Suntuitive and Insulated Glass with Low e?

Suntuitive glass in addition to the benefits of climate control also provides a work environment that encourages and streamlines employees, and since labor cost is 112 times the cost of climate control expenses then the return on investment for Suntuitive glass is faster. See also here



Architects, interior designers, and property owners, this is for you!

Customized Privacy Glass and accessories to your specifications, ready for installation.


You define the size, glass type, glass thickness, tempering requirements, and laminated or Insulated Glass Unit configuration. 



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