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6 considerations while selecting smart glass for office

Most of the new buildings use glass as partitions walls, choosing colours, transparency, glass format, and even textures. With the advancement in glass technology, there are now smarter options available. An option like PDLC Smart Glass provides a new way to support privacy. Smart glasses' properties of transparency are controlled electrically. So, what are the points which one should consider while selecting a smart glass for home and office? Here is a complete guide to selecting smart glass for homes and offices:

  1. Use decoration film. Smart Glass is a new LC technology and hence smart glass price is still high. An alternative to these expensive smart glasses is glasses that use decorative films, like matt, tinted, fade with different shapes to get some privacy. These films, although not the most optimal solutions still help you a great deal in cutting the cost while at the same time helping you achieve privacy.

  2. Glass Cover: full panel or strip. A smart glass may come as a whole panel or only a strip in middle of the glass. A strip leaves permanently transparent the upper and lower parts of the glass and keep privacy only in middle part. In this way, cost is only for half, for example 1.2 meter out of 2.4 meter. Please note that when film / glass is on “ON” mode, the extra clear glass transparency is different then the film transparency.

  3. Tinted Glass. The smart glass can be modified and can be made to look even more alluring by adding a gentle tinted film to it. When a tinted film is added to the laminated smart glass, it gives a beautiful smoked glass look.

  4. Space for transformer. Smart glass needs a transformer to reduce the voltage from 220/110V to 48V. This step-down transformer is not very big in size. This transformer is sized at 15x10x5 cm size and can be stored in a small hidden cabinet like someplace above lowering the ceiling.

  5. Harmony vs Budget. Make one room or several rooms…having smart glass in only one room looks very elegant and beautiful and makes the space look very upmarket and innovative, still only one room get privacy.

  6. Lighting affects transparency. Need to take into consideration The smart glass like the normal glass comes with a VLT of 85% and has some haziness at the edges. The VLT is the visible light transmission through the glass when the smart glass allows the light to pass through. This becomes an important aspect to consider given that the place is designed for light transmission.

Smart film and glass technology are wonders of the glass industry. Smart glass is innovative, aesthetic and practical. It helps you get privacy in a fast and clean way.


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