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Smart Films International (“SFI”) is a developer and manufacturer of Dynamic Smart Glass Solutions mainly for Architecture and Automotive markets. We have the following film types:

Smart Film, also known as Switchable Film or Privacy Film is an innovative solution for Privacy on Demand. The Smart Film switches between transparent and opaque (‘milky-white') by applying an electrical voltage. Privacy Glass is a Smart Film, laminated as a sandwich between two glasses. Our Smart Film is based on our propriety NCAP PDLC technology.


You may easily upgrade your traditional glass with a Smart Glass, where you can control your Privacy in the touch of a button.

In attempting to upgrade existing glass to a Smart Glass (retrofit) we developed a Self-Adhesive Smart Film that applied on existing glasses.

Smart Glass is also served as a Display. It provides you with the capability to turn your glass into a multimedia display and at the same time keep it’s glass transparency. Upgrading traditional glass, for example, a storefront glass, with a Display Glass enables you to turn your storefront glass into a big multimedia display on demand, with prestige feel and look. 


Solar Glass refers to either of the 3 technologies:

  • Electrochromic - driven by voltage. Active technology.

  • Thermochromic - effect by exposure to heat/sun. Passive technology.

  • Photochromic - tinted by exposure to light. Passive technology.

Thermochromic Glass uses heat from direct sunlight to tint when necessary. As the sun moves across the sky, the Glass will cool and return to clear. At night or in cloudy conditions, when direct sun is not present, the Glass remains clear and allows as much daylighting as possible.


Our Thermochromic Glass is very advanced, yet is the simplest, dynamic glass technology available. Electrochromic glass control is a crucial element in office and industrial buildings with large glazed surfaces in the façade as well as in classical conservatories.


Electrochromic control glass is an intelligent alternative for common shading solutions and provides plenty of daylight in conservatories and behind glass façade, as well as a permanently unobstructed view to the outside. The amount of light transmitted by the glass can be flexibly adapted to the user’s needs, according to the weather conditions.


SFI develops and manufactures Flexible Liquid Crystal (LC).

The cell-based products are optimal for light control in low voltage. The flexible film is ‘Normally Open’ Low-Voltage flexible LC based on proprietary Liquid Crystal, which serves a variety of applications, like Dynamic lens, Visor, Helmet, Strobe Glass and Ski Goggle - all for the Sports and Healthcare markets.

Main Advantages of our Flexible LC film are in cutting glare, blocking heat, rejecting harmful UV radiation and providing comfort shading conditions for the user.

Its main commercial product is EyeStrobe(™). A strobe Glasses to train the connection of Eye – Brain – Body.

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