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TIP #03 - Interior or exterior (façade)?

We are often asked about whether Privacy Glass is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor. Here, we would like to discuss and clarify about it.

Bottom line, Privacy Glass provides privacy functionality and originally uses for interior applications such as partitions between bathroom and bedroom, meeting rooms, hospital applications, partitions in limousine and luxury cars and more. Such Privacy Glass is usually produced in a “sandwich” of 2-glasses lamination using inter-layer typically EVA or PVB. This is the best solution in terms of the performance and reliability of the Privacy Glass over time (>20-years).

For Interior use, when customer already has glasses in place, a Self-Adhesive Privacy Film is used. It is also called Retrofit and it is applied on existing glasses. As for Privacy Glass for Exterior applications, the standard configuration of 2 glasses lamination is good but no perfect, and we recommend a complete Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) where we produce Privacy Glass lamination as described above and laminate it to another glass with air gap/gas in between. The IGU will isolate the heat and cold and will keep your house from the exterior climate.

In addition, we also recommend to have the said additional glass in the IGU tinted in a certain level in accordance with the direct sun light it is exposed to so you can choose the visible light transmission. The Privacy Glass IGU will provide a perfect combination of climate control and privacy on demand.

As for existing standard IGU that would like to apply privacy functionality (Retrofit), the Self-Adhesive Privacy Film will do the job. When you have a regular glass and you wish to turn it to climate control as well as privacy we offer the Self Adhesive Solar Control Privacy film.


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