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TIP #01 - Smart glass as a rear projection screen

Nowadays rear projection screens are very popular in the modern advertising business.

Smart Glass for marketing boards is applied relatively recently but has already managed to gain extensive fame. The technique, based on liquid crystals, makes it possible to convert glass from transparent to opaque. The coating which applied to the surface of the glass, realizes the function of demonstrating various data: company's logo, product pictures, advertising texts etc.

All images are visible and remain clear at any lighting. When the screen is off, the glass is similar to an ordinary partition with an opaque or colorless texture, but it should be mentioned that it has an ability to change its appearance. Our smart glass is able to acquire different colors: blue, gray, beige, black-bronze, and it can display various images.

Multimedia smart glass is a panel covered with a smart film, specialized in displaying information.

We offer a wide selection of special equipment of different configurations and sizes. Our smart glass displays various photo and video materials, the resolution of which may vary and can be selected individually, but at the same time remains at the highest level.

This equipment can serve as a unique showcase, a signboard for a new shopping center or store, can be used as a demonstration panel in a small reception area as well as in a huge presentation hall. Unconventional smart glass attracts attention, invites customers, and helps to develop your business.


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